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Gueuze It's a sour beer, a very sour beer. It'll make you pucker. If I were attmepting this style as someone new to sours, I'd go with the Lindeman's Cuvee Rene. It's an excellent introductory, yet still quite sour, gueuze. Be careful on the Boon. They can be super sour. Drie Fonteinen and Cantillon are probably the top lambic breweries in the world, but they're also incredibly sour (and more expensive). You may have heard that Lindeman's lambics aren't authentic or are too sweet that's true when it comes to the fruit ones. With the gueuze and the faro, they're both excellent. Gueuze Fond Tradition is another one, but I like the Lindeman's better. There's also the Girardin Gueuze. This was my first and we toasted with it at my wedding. It's one of the top rated.Good luck with some of the others. KBS sells out quickly. You'll need to be on top of that one. Terrapin isn't available up here, but it is available in PA and maybe NJ. And Three Floyds is only available in Indiana (though it used to be available in RI, believe it or not).

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